Open-shell Main-group Species Derived from Singlet Carbenes

PhD Student

Dennis Rottschäfer

Unique Main-Group Bonding Motifs Build upon Abnormal NHCs and Anionic Dicarbenes

Master Student 

Malte Zerhusen

Pi-Donor Supported Open-shell Main-Group Compounds


Desirée Fuchs

Exploration of 1,3-Imidazole Derived Redox-active Ligands for Catalysis and Small Molecule Activation

Master Student 

Falk Ebeler

Pnictogen Radicals Stabilized by pi-Donor Ligands

Post doc

Dr. Mahendra Sharma

Mesoionic Carbene-Main-Group Scaffolds

Master Student

Arne Merschel

Intramolecular Phosphorus/ Boron FLPs Derived from aNHCs

Bachelor Student

Jonathan Nobbe   gen. Kemper

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Malte Zerhusen

Felix Friedrich

Moritz Fischer

Tizian F. Romspoth

Nathalie Nottmeier

Jasmin Busch

Beate Nachtigall

Katharina Tölke

Kim Ho

Nils Weißing         

Hannes Rombach

Peter Heinrichs                   

Till Strothmann


Dr. Sven O. Reichmann (Master Thesis: 2012; PhD (Dr. rer. nat.) 2016)

Nils Gehrmann (Bachelor Thesis: 2015)

Robert Schirmacher (Master Thesis: 2015)

Alexander Paesch (Master Thesis: 2014)

Chiristian Steinmetzger (Forschungspraktikum: 2014)



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