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Welcome to the Ghadwal Group

We are a synthetic inorganic/ organometallic group and aim at the synthesis of new molecules featuring a low-valent main-group element(s), particularly from Group 13-15, and exploration of their structure, reactivity, and physical (optical, magnetic, and electronic) properties. A special emphasis is given to the activation and/ or functionalization of small molecules as a sustainable means to access new valuable compounds. 

Developing open-shell molecular systems for advanced functional materials and designing new ligand sets for more efficient and selective catalytic  structures are among the other topics we are currently working on.



18.01.2022: Our Account "Tuning the Electronic Properties of Main-Group Species by N-Heterocyclic Vinyl (NHV) Scaffolds" is now online in the Account of Chemical Research.

01.12.2021:  We thank the DFG for the inclusion of Raj in the Heisenberg-Programm


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Isolation of an Anionic Dicarbene Embedded Sn2P2 Cluster and Reversible CO2 Uptake: Just Accepted in Advanced Science

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