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We are a synthetic inorganic/ organometallic group and aim at the synthesis of new molecules featuring a low-valent main-group element(s), particularly from Group 13-15, and exploration of their structure, reactivity, and physical (optical, magnetic, and electronic) properties. A special emphasis is given to the activation and/ or functionalization of small molecules as a sustainable means to access new valuable compounds. 

Developing open-shell molecular systems for advanced functional materials and designing new ligand sets for more efficient and selective catalytic  structures are among the other topics we are currently working on.



24.05.2019: Divinyldiphosphenes and Divinyldiarsenes papers (from Dennis and Mahendra) are online in ChemEurJ.

06.09.2018: Paper accepted in ChemEurJ for Taming Müller's HC with NHCs-Congratulations Dennis and Jasmin!

04.09.2018: Dr. Mahendra K. Sharma from IIT-Delhi (Nag's Lab) joins the group. Welcome Mahendra!

19.04.2018: Dennis's NHC-diradicaloids paper accepted by RSC Chemical Science! Congratulations.


Diphosphenes with the Narrowest HOMO–LUMO Energy Gap to date.

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