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Welcome to the Ghadwal Group

We are molecular inorganic chemists and interested in design and synthesis of tailor-made functional organometallic/ organoelemento compounds; and their detailed investigations of electronic, physical, and chemical properties using advanced spectroscopic, theoretical, other experimetal methods. The central goal of our group is to acquire the fundamental understanding of the reactivity/ catalytic principles involved in the activation and/ or functionalization of unreactive bonds and its implications in synthesis. 

Developing molecular systems/materials for hydrogen storage, designing new ligands for more robust and efficient catalysts towards sustainable synthesis, as well as metal complexes (Bio-organometallics) for biological applications are among the other targets we are currently working on.


NEWS (Group's Choice)


Highlights in Energy Research
Highlights in Inorganic Chemistry
Highlights in Catalysis



Cationic Hydriodo Boron Compounds                                         aNHC-Au Compound

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